24 April, 2010


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One of the things my family and I love to do when we’re at my mother’s is to go to the vide greniers (flea markets). There is a schedule of which town will have one each weekend, some are bigger than others (the one in my mother’s village is especially large and includes a horse fair), or are near friends, but they all are equally likely to have some fabulous thing that we never knew we wanted until we see it.

I especially love ephemera and old documents, and am always surprised at the range of things in the stalls. These bugs and the little girl with her bunnies that I found last time are keeping me happily distracted from some technical difficulties I’m having which are interfering with production. Like many people I love creating and get frustrated with any problems that arise after I make something (and I’m a total chicken when it comes to selling). So, what a good time to get out some bits and pieces and think of what to make next.



  1. kseverny said,

    these are graat.
    what ever happened to these markets

  2. We enjoy them a lot, they are very busy in the part of France where my mother lives!

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