24 April, 2010


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One of the things my family and I love to do when we’re at my mother’s is to go to the vide greniers (flea markets). There is a schedule of which town will have one each weekend, some are bigger than others (the one in my mother’s village is especially large and includes a horse fair), or are near friends, but they all are equally likely to have some fabulous thing that we never knew we wanted until we see it.

I especially love ephemera and old documents, and am always surprised at the range of things in the stalls. These bugs and the little girl with her bunnies that I found last time are keeping me happily distracted from some technical difficulties I’m having which are interfering with production. Like many people I love creating and get frustrated with any problems that arise after I make something (and I’m a total chicken when it comes to selling). So, what a good time to get out some bits and pieces and think of what to make next.


19 April, 2010


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I have terribly neglected this poor blog – between travelling and new projects it kept getting dropped off the bottom of the list, but no more! I am starting up a few new lines including a series of cards from vintage photos like the one above – what a darling with that curly mop!

I spent the day with a friend who lives in an artist colony created from a group of old industrial buildings, what a fantastic thing to be part of. The energy there is great, and how nice to have so many people around for collaborations. Art can be such a solitary pursuit, but seeing and talking about people’s work is so energizing. I am lucky to be part of a creative group for a few years now, it is so helpful to have someone else look at what I’m doing to see what I cannot. And to mention that I have neglected my blog.

10 January, 2009

fairy baby

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Here is beginning of one of the fairy cradles I’m working on.  It’s quite plain at this stage, but that will change soon!

5 January, 2009


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This little guy watched through an open window as I made a little fairy cradle out of copper today.  I was surprised at how long he stayed, but even after his long visit he zzz’ed back and forth for a while between this perch and the camellia down below.

I’m enjoying making little Thumbelina and fairy beds, I have bits of silk ready for the coverlets.

3 January, 2009


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I was lucky to spend time with some wonderful people today.  I love walking with friends, but it is not always easy to find somewhere to walk that makes it easy to talk at the same time.  Most trails are too narrow, but the beach is perfect for walking side-by-side, plus the view is beautiful, the sound of the waves is nice, and the birds and dolphins are entertaining.

1 January, 2009

on my bench

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So much has been going on that I haven’t been at my workbench nearly enough recently, but today I started on a few parts that will be incorporated into assemblages like this little nest with its pearly eggs (the eggs are actually pale blue, which doesn’t show well in this photo).  I am also working on bits for a Thumbelina piece, she is one of my favourite fairy tale characters from childhood.

I’ve been enjoying Dr Roundbottom’s dispatches from the field.  His photographs, like the faery wintering nests, are wonderful!

10 December, 2008


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For the sale this weekend I made nests for the babies to sit in, this is the first batch ready to go.  Staining (with walnut), waxing, and trimming always takes longer than I think it will, plus there are other things to get ready!

1 December, 2008


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Two weeks until I’m going to be selling a few dozen of these and again I’ve run out of thread. After running out for more I’ll stain and wax them, and put on buttons. Then, if there’s time, I’ll start some eggshell cradles (I’ll make smaller dolls for those, these are almost 2 inches tall, too big for an eggshell).